School and Nursery Visits

Animal Workshops


Mouse town workshop


With over 20 years experience with animals and children my daughter and I have built up a collection of over 37 different species of furry, feathery, scaley and slimy animals.



Baby Panther Chameleon

 Joey the Panther Chameleon


Educational fun events for all ages

With many options to choose from our school visits will bring the animals most suited to the age group we are working with.


A suggested option would consist of two handlers from one to four hours depending on numbers, with the option of ten or more different species.  

The animals would be chosen to suit the age groups and any subject being covered in the term.

A short 20 minute show to introduce the animals would then be followed by 20/30 minutes of handling with groups of ten/fifteen children, this allows all the children time to meet the animals up close and feed some of the animals, gentle handling is supervised and the children are tought about the animals they meet.

Educational fun is in order with our Mouse Town and all its little residents, a great entertainer for the little ones.

All sizes of rabbits from our large British Giants to the little dwarfs that like to be tickled gently beside their ears.

The many colours of guinea pigs will eat celery from the children.

The little mini hens and ducks are popular and we may get an early morning crow from the cockerel while the children feed the hens.

One of our many owls cover the subject of woodlands, British wildlife and can cover the subject of habitat and nocturnal.

Bobby or one of his parrot friends may wave and say a few words to the children.

The little South African Hedgehogs seem to endear to all ages.


The Meerkats are proving a great favourite and have been known to stand-up on the odd head or two for a photo.

With many other species to choose from the biggest problem is deciding the ones to leave at home.

We have many reptiles, insects, tortoises and amphibians that can also visit.