Our Animals

Our Animal Family

The choice is yours
 Woodland Mouse Town
You can choose which Animals you would like to come to your special event.
Please select your top 8 favourites from the list below. Plus 2 reserves
Due to Bird Flu outbreak we are restricted to inside events only with any birds, these are highlighted in red

Birds of Prey:
~ Scooby the White Faced Scops (great for sitting with children for photos)
~ Teasel the Tawny Owl
~ Sooty the Black Barn Owl
~ Kevin the American Kestrel
~ Cookie the Kookaburra
Scooby the White Face Scops Owl

~ Bobby the Blue and Gold Macaw (outdoors/indoors)
~ Amy the Green Wing Macaw (indoors)
~ Harley the Military Macaw (indoors)
~ Dixie the African Grey (Lindsey's oldest parrot, indoors only)
~ Cackle the Black Headed Caique (indoors only)
~ Magic the Umbrella Cockatoo (indoors only)
~ Zippee & Bungle the Cockatiels (indoors)
~ Billy & Lucy the Bugies(indoors)
Cute & Fluffy Selection:
Mice on ~
~ Woodland Mouse Town
~ Fairy Mouse Town
~ Tree House
~ NEW Pink Castle 
Naked Mice (4)
Bunnies miniatures to giants:
~ Velvet Bunnies (3/4/6)
~ Plush Lop Bunnies (2)
~ Mini Lops (2)
~ Lionheads (2)
~ Giant Blue Rabbit Wally or Wonda
~ Netherland Dwarfs (4)
~ Baby Bunnies (when available)
Guinea Pigs (little eating machines, kids love to feed them and they never fill up)
Funky Haired Guineas Pigs
Hairless Guinea Pigs "Gloria & Gretchen" (Look like miniature hippos)
Dumbo Rats
Mini Hamsters
Pygmy Hedgehogs
Sugar Glider
Mini Chickens
Mini Ducks
Tulula the Goose (outside only)
~ Royal Pythons (3ft)
~ Spider Python (5ft)
~ Corn Snake (4ft)
~ Milk Snake (2ft)
~ Mushu the Bearded Dragons
~ Lucy & Larry the Crested Geckos
~ Georgina the Blue Tongue Skink
~ Da Vinci the Leopard Gecko
Creepy Crawly Selection:
~ Chile Rose Tarantula
~ Giant Millipedes
~ Cockroaches
~ Gaint Land Snails
~ Travis the Cane Toad
~ Kermit & Freddie Tree Frogs
~ African Tortoises Bambam & Pebbles
Sally the Royal Python
Royal Python
Please note that * exotics require an enclosed small room with all children and adults seated quietly, they also all eat raw mince meat and can pee on carpet and furnitature. All exotics are not handleable by children or adults, they are for watching and photographing only
Whiff the Black & White Skunk or Winnie the Chocolate Skunk
Pandora the Silver Fox (Please speak to us before choosing)
Tilly the Corsac Fox (Please speak to us before choosing her)
Jeffery the African Spotted Genet (Please speak to us before choosing him)
Arnie the Armadillo
Kinky the Kinkajou
Willerby the Wallaby
The Meerkat Mob
For your events our meerkats will travel in pairs or trios
Tiny Tony the Pony (extra cost applys to all boookings)
Tony is only 2ft tall, not for riding but loves to be groomed and petted.
Loves to pose for photos with children and adults.
Can be dressed up as Unicorn or Big Brother outfit his multicoloured tutu.  
Rainbow Unicorn 
Rainbow Unicorn
The Pack:
Lindsey's Travelling Companions:
Milly & Buddy Collie X
Shepherd and Elsa the GSD
Gemma's Sidekicks: 
Tia & Max the Pomeranians
Jolie the Black Shepherd
Loki the Merle Shepherd X
Bow the Ragdoll Cat
Eddie & Millie  Tia the Pomeranian
 Eddie & Milly
Bow the Ragdoll Cat

Puppy Parties available at certain times of the year please speak to Lindsey for more details.


More photos of our animals available on our second website www.animalmagicminizoo.weebly.com