Animal Magic Services
We are an interactive handling display, with eductional talks and hands on experience for any age group. All our animals are friendly and live with us at home, they are family each and every one right down to the snails that have just hatched out.

There are lots of options for an Animal Magic Party, here are a few examples of the types of parties we can provide.

The Cute and Furry Party: This is suitable for children under 5 years old, and can include a whole range of very cute animals.

The Creepy Crawley Party: This is suitable for children over the age of 5 years, we have many different types of bugs and insects for chidlren to hold and touch.

The Reptile Party: This is suitable for children over the age of 5 years, there are many different types of snakes and lizards for chidlren to get hands on experience with, plus a few frogs and toads.

The Exotic Animal Party: This is suitable for older age range, our exotic collection of animals is growing all the time, and there are more babies coming soon.

The animal choices are up to you and we can advise which animals are suited for which age groups.


Extra Options for those keen on a certain types of animal, try these:


Dog Party:

We have some amazing dogs with us now that are great at meeting and greeting, some will sit on laps, others just love a big cuddle. All our dogs have been coming to parties for a long time and love children and adutls.

Bunny Party:

For the bunny mad children or adults, we have quite a huge range of rabbits lots of colours, types and sizes, all used to interacting and being handled.

Mouse Party:

Great fun for any age, have a go at building a mouse empire and then letting all the mice have a play. Lots of different colours and extremely freindly, love to sit on heads for photos.

Parrot Party:

For those that have a interest in parrots, we have a range of beautiful parrots for a spectalar display with the macaws on natural perches plus little cute and colourful small parrots.

Owl Experience:


Meerkat Experience:


Fox Experience: 



Fox Encounter

You can pick and mix the animals from any sections on the list


Each animal that comes to your event has it's own traveller or in Elsa's case back seat of the van. All our aimals are handled regulary so children and adults get a chance to get up close to them.


Tiny Tony the Pony in a London back garden!!


Christmas Special

Xmas Mouse Village

Rocky with Xmas stand, showing off.

 Gemma, Lindsey, Louis, Ben and Aaron

Some of the team at a London event.




Tiger snail            

Speedy the Giant Snail